14 May 2006

Evangelism and me

I was recently thinking a lot about how I am supposed to present myself, as a Christian, to unbelieving roommates and aquaintences. Do I come across as arrogant? Do I act as if I think am somehow superior to them? Do I think I know everything?

I think Christians too often bite off more than they can chew when it comes to wintessing and evangelism. Is it pride in us that makes us think we can somehow change someones mind through our eloquence, logic, or persuasiveness?

Let me look at this logically.

There is person A, me, and person B, an unsaved roommate for example.

Person A has opinion A. Person B has opinion B.

op_A != op_B ##opinion A does not equal opinion B##

Oh no, what are we to do??

Well, person A could bring to bear his astounding intelligence, his limitless knowledge and incredible argument skills, and crush the opposition's position into the ground.

Person A is obviously a person, as is Person B. That means that both in the grand scheme of things have equal standing. Person A is human, just like Person B, therefore, he has no inherent advantages or disadvantages. Thus, if Person A has the capacity to defeat Person B in argument, Person B has every bit as much power to do the same to Person A. So, if Person A is able to convince Person B of something, Person A is just as susceptible to being convinced of something else by Person B.

If you can change someones mind, they can change yours. Plain and simple

So why would Person A think that by using words he's devised, and arguments he's fashioned, he'd be able to effectively increase the standing of Opinion A over Opinion B.

The missing element is faith. Faith that God can use me, my actions, even my words, to affect change in another. My responsibility is to sow, water, or reap, not to force growth.

Keep in mind that when I say it's impossible for one human to convince another of the truth of Christianity, I mean just that: a human. With God, all things are possible. God can work through any of us to accomplish great things, I just have to remember it's God, not me.